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LSA-11 Columnar base for statue of Eusebius, possibly governor of Palaestina. Caesarea Maritima (Palaestina I). Fourth to fifth century

City: Caesarea Maritima Province: Palaestina I Region: Near East, with Cyprus
Details: Found just south of the Byzantine Esplanade
Current Location: Caesarea Museum
Object: Base Material: Granite Re-Use? Unknown
Form: Cylindrical Height(cm): 238 Width(cm): 75/67 Depth(cm): 75/67
Language: Greek Text Type: Verse
Honorand: Eusebius Position: Provincial Governors Gender: Male
Awarder: Alypius Position: Awarder Unknown or Uncertain
Earliest: 300 Latest : 500
Lehmann, C. M. and K. G. Holum, The Greek and Latin inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima, Boston 2000, no. 26 pl. XXVI, XXVII

Text: ΕΥ[----------------]ς τύπος [-] / [--ca. 7--]ησα ἱερο[----]μον Εὐσέβι[ον], / κοιρα̣νίη [--ca. 9--] ἔ̣χ̣ει γέρας ἐκ τ̣ῶν [-]. / τοῦτο καὶ ἐβ[--ca. 8--]ν εἶχεν ὀφειλόμ[ενον]. / ἔργων δ’ἀν[--ca. 7--] καὶ δαψομένοισιν [-] / οὐ χρυσὸν [--ca. 10--] προτιμότερον. / οὕτω [ἐς] Θεὸν ἔσχεν [ὅλ]ον νόον, εὐσεβίῃ [τε] / μᾶλλον κοιρανέειν ἤθε̣λ̣εν ἢ δυνάμ[ι]. / λισσομένῳ δ’ ἐπένε[υσε]ν Ἀλυπίῳ ἐν [--] / ἀντ’ εὐεργεσίης πολλάκις ἧς ἔ̣τ̣υ̣χ̣[ε]. Trans: Eu... statue ... sacred ... Eusebius, rule ... he had a statue because of the ...
(line 4) This also ... he had as his due. And of the deeds ... and to those that will consume ... not gold ... more honoured. Thus he kept his whole mind on God,
(line 8) and he wished to rule more by piety than by force. And he permitted Alypius, at the latter’s request, [to honour him] in return for the kindness that he frequently obtained.
(trans. Lehmann-Holum, 58)