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LSA-1611 Base for statue of Constantine I, emperor. Ravenna (Flaminia et Picenum). 324-337.

City: Ravenna Province: Flaminia et Picenum Region: Italy north of Rome, with Corsica and Sardinia
Details: Ravenna
Current Location: No recent record
Object: Base Material: Unknown Re-Use? Unknown
Form: Rectangular Height(cm): Width(cm): Depth(cm):
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Constantine I Position: Emperors Gender: Male
Awarder: Sertorius Silanus, supervisor of the imperial factory Position: Lower-ranking Imperial Officials
Earliest: 324 Latest : 337
Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae, , 699

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum; , XI, 9

Text: Propagatori Roma/ni imperii, f[u]ndato[ri] / quietis publicae, d(omino) [n(ostro)] / Fl(avio) Constantino /(5) maximo, victori, / semper Aug(usto), divi / Claudi nepoti, divi / Constanti filio, / Sertorius Silanus, /(10) v(ir) p(erfectissimus), praepositus / fabricae, devotus / n(umini) m(aiestati)q(ue) e(ius).
Trans: To the expander of the Roman empire, founder of public tranquillity, our lord Flavius Constantinus the greatest, victor, forever Augustus, grandson of the deified Claudius, son of the deified Constantius; Sertorius Silanus, of perfectissimus rank, supervisor of the imperial factory (praepositus fabricae), devoted to his divine spirit and majesty, [set this up].