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LSA-1978 Base for statue of Caius Vettius Cossinius Rufinus, prefect of Rome, former governor of Campania, patron of Atina. Atina (Campania). 315.

City: Atina Province: Campania Region: Italy south of Rome, with Sicily
Details: Uncertain provenance
Current Location: No recent record
Object: Base Material: Unknown Re-Use? Unknown
Form: Unknown Height(cm): Width(cm): Depth(cm):
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Caius Vettius Cossinius Rufinus, governor of Campania Position: Provincial Governors Gender: Male
Awarder: Council and people (ordo populusque) of Atina Position: Provincial Cities, their Institutions and Officials
Earliest: 315 Latest : 315
L'Année épigraphique, , 2005, 90

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum; , X, 5061

Dessau, H., Inscriptiones latinae selectae, Berlin 3rd ed. 1962, 1217

Text: C(aio) Vettio Cossinio Rufino, c(larissimo) v(iro), / praefecto Urbi, comiti / Augg(ustorum) nn(ostrorum), corr(ectori) Camp(aniae), corr(ectori) / Tusciae et Umbriae, corr(ectori) /(5) Venitiae et Histriae, cur(atori) alvei / Tiberis et cloacarum sacrae Urbis, / cur(atori) viae Flaminiae, proconsuli pro/vinciae Achaiae, sortito pontifici dei / Solis, auguri, salio Palatino, ordo po/pulusque Atinas quod in correctura /(11) eius quae sevissimam tyran/nidem incurrerat nullam / iniuriam sustinuerit, / patrono dignissimo.

Trans: To Caius Vettius Cossinius Rufinus, of clarissimus rank, urban prefect, count of our Augusti, governor (corrector) of Campania, governor (corrector) of Tuscia and Umbria, governor (corrector) of Venetia and Histria, officer in charge of the banks of the Tiber and of the sewers (consularis albei Tiberis et cloacarum) of the sacred City, officer in charge (consularis) of the via Flaminia, governor (proconsul) of the province of Achaia, drawn by lot priest of the Sun god, augur, member of the priestly college of the palatine salii; the councillors and people of Atina, who during his governorship (correctura) which took place during the ferocious tyranny did not suffer any harm, to a most worthy patron, [set this up].