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LSA-2174 Base for statue of Caecilius Severus Elpidius, vicar. Lepcis Magna (Tripolitania). Late fourth to early fifth century.

City: Lepcis Magna Province: Tripolitania Region: North Africa, Eastern (Tripolitania and Cyrenaica)
Details: Severan Basilica, eastern vestibule
Current Location: Where found
Object: Base Material: Local stone Re-Use? Yes
Form: Rectangular Height(cm): 130 Width(cm): 81 Depth(cm): 75
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Caecilius Severus Elpidius, vicarius Position: Civilian Imperial Office-Holders Gender: Male
Awarder: People of Lepcis Magna (Lepcitani) Position: Provincial Cities, their Institutions and Officials
Earliest: 375 Latest : 425
Tantillo, I. and F. Bigi (eds.), Leptis Magna. Una città e le sue iscrizioni in epoca tardoromana, Cassino 2010, 361-4, no. 28, figs. 7.14, 10.31-32, pl. IX

Reynolds, J. M. & J. B. Ward-Perkins, The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania. In collaboration with S. Aurigemma, R. Bartoccini, G. Caputo, R. Goodchild, P. Romanelli, Roma 1952, no. 519

Text: Elpidii. / omnium vir/tutum praedi/cabili viro et su/pra documenta /(6) bonitatis insigni / adque magnifico, / Caecilio Severo, v(iro) c(larissimo), / a(genti) v(ices) praeff(ectorum) praet(orio), /(10) ob multiformem / iudiciorum eius in / se moderationem, / ex decreto et sufra/gio M++++++++++++ ,/(15) Lepcitani publice.
Trans: (Statue of) Elpidius. To the man praiseworthy of all virtues, outstanding and magnificent beyond the documented proofs of his goodness, Caecilius Severus, of clarissimus rank, acting in the role of the praetorian prefects; on account of the multiform moderation of his judgements concerning themselves, by decree and vote … the people of Lepcis Magna [set this up] from public funds.