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LSA-2187 Base for marble statue of Flavius Nepotianus, military commander and governor (comes et praeses) of Tripolitania. Lepcis Magna (Tripolitania). 350-360.

City: Lepcis Magna Province: Tripolitania Region: North Africa, Eastern (Tripolitania and Cyrenaica)
Details: Severan Basilica, southern end of western nave
Current Location: Where found
Object: Base Material: Marble Re-Use? Yes
Form: Rectangular Height(cm): 153 Width(cm): 62 Depth(cm): 70
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Flavius Nepotianus, military commander and governor (comes et praeses) of Tripolitania Position: Provincial Governors Gender: Male
Awarder: Council (ordo) with the people (populus) of Lepcis Magna Position: Provincial Cities, their Institutions and Officials
Earliest: 350 Latest : 360
Tantillo, I. and F. Bigi (eds.), Leptis Magna. Una città e le sue iscrizioni in epoca tardoromana, Cassino 2010, 392-4, no. 41, fig. 7.15, pl. XIV

Reynolds, J. M. & J. B. Ward-Perkins, The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania. In collaboration with S. Aurigemma, R. Bartoccini, G. Caputo, R. Goodchild, P. Romanelli, Roma 1952, no. 565

Text: Nepotianii. / Fl(avio) Nepotiano v(iro) p(erfectissimo), com(iti) et praesidi provin(ciae) Trip(olitanae), /(3) iustitia et integritati (sic, for 'integritate') prae/cipuo, moderatione ac benigni/tate praestantissimo, abstinen/tiae et honestatis officiorumq(ue) /(7) omnium cultori, rei etiam mili/taris peritissimo, armis consi/li(i)sq(ue) inconparabili, quod idem /(10) ordines universosq(ue) provin/ciales iuridicendo fide beni/volentia multis beneficiis /cumulaverit, quod barbaro/rum insolentiam exercitio /(15) scientiae militaris adtriberit, / quod limitis defensionem tui/tionemq(ue) perpetuam futuris etia(m) / temporibus munitam securamq(ue) /(19) ab omni hostile incursione prae/stiterit, quod civitatum moenia ope/rum instauratione vel novitate de/coraverit, ordo civitatis Lepcimag(nensis) / cum populo statuam marmoream / ob haec merita decretis et sufragiis / concinnentibus (sic, for 'concinentibus') conlocavit. Trans: (Statue of) Nepotianus. To Flavius Nepotianus, of perfectissimus rank, military commander and governor (comes et praeses) of the province of Tripolitania. Exceptional in justice and integrity, outstanding in moderation and benignity, a cultivator of abstinence and honesty and of all duties, very experienced also in military affairs, incomparable in arms and in counsel. Because he increased the councils (ordines) and all the provincials with many benefits by administrating with benevolent loyalty; because he crushed the insolence of the barbarians with the use of military science; because he established defence and permanent protection for the borders, also for future times, fortified and secure from any hostile incursion; because he adorned the buildings of the cities both by restoration and by new building. The council (ordo) of the city of Lepcis Magna with the people (populus) set up a marble statue on account of these merits, with all decrees (= of the ordo) and votes (= of the people) in unison.