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LSA-2227 Lost base for statue of Domitius Alexander, emperor. Cirta (Numidia). 308-310

City: Cirta Province: Numidia Region: North Africa, Western (from Byzacena westwards)
Details: Found in the basement of a house in the 'place du Palais'
Current Location: Said to have been destroyed
Object: Base Material: Re-Use? Yes
Form: Height(cm): 100 Width(cm): 70 Depth(cm):
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Domitius Alexander Position: Emperors Gender: Male
Awarder: Scironius Pasicrates, governor of Numidia Position: Provincial Governors
Earliest: 308 Latest : 310
Pflaum H.-G., Inscriptions latines de l'Algérie. 2, Inscriptions de la confédération cirtéenne, de Cuicul et de la tribu des Suburbures. [1, Rusicade et région de Rusicade, Cirta, Castellum celtianum, Caldis, Castellum tidditanorum], Paris, 1957, no. 580

Lepelley, C., Les cités de l'Afrique romaine au Bas-Empire, t. 2, Notices d'histoire municipale, Paris 1981, p. 389, no. 2

Text: Restituto[ri] / publicae libe[r]/tatis, ac propa/gatori totius / (5) generis human[i] / nominisque / Romani, d(omino) n(ostro) L(ucio) Do/mitio Alexan/dro, p(io), f(elici), inv(icto), Aug(usto), / (10) Scironius Pa/sicrates, v(ir) p(erfectissimus), / [p(raeses) p(rovinciarum) Numi]diar(um) / --
Trans: To the restorer of public freedom, and the man who extends [both] the whole human race and the name of Rome, our lord Lucius Domitius Alexander, pious, fortunate, unconquered Augustus. Scironius Pasicrates, of perfectissimus rank, governor (praeses) of the provinces of Numidia [set this up] ...