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LSA-2230 Base for statue of Constantine I, emperor. Cirta (Numidia). 314

City: Cirta Province: Numidia Region: North Africa, Western (from Byzacena westwards)
Details: Found re-used in the gate of the Kasbah
Current Location: No recent record, perhaps still at its findspot
Object: Base Material: Re-Use? Other
Form: Height(cm): 50 Width(cm): Depth(cm):
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Constantine I Position: Emperors Gender: Male
Awarder: ? Position: High Imperial Office-Holders
Earliest: 314 Latest : 315
Pflaum H.-G., Inscriptions latines de l'Algérie. 2, Inscriptions de la confédération cirtéenne, de Cuicul et de la tribu des Suburbures. [1, Rusicade et région de Rusicade, Cirta, Castellum celtianum, Caldis, Castellum tidditanorum], Paris, 1957, no. 583

Text: [Triumphatori omnium gentium ac] domitor[i un]ive[rsarum] / [factionum, qui libertatem tenebris] servitut[is op]pre[ssam sua] / [felici victoria nova luce inluminavit et re]vocavit, [d(omino) n(ostro) Flavio Valerio] / [Constantino, maximo, pio, felici ac semper invict[o Aug(usto)]. / (5) [--- rationa]lis Numidiae et Maur[etaniarum], / [numini maiestatique eius dev]ota mente semper dicatissi[mus].
Trans: To the triumphant victor over all tribes and tamer of all factions, who, by his happy victory, illumined with new light the freedom obscured by the darkness of servitude, our lord, Flavius Valerius Constantinus, the greatest, pious, fortunate, unconquered Augustus. ... rationalis of Numidia and the Mauretanias, dedicated, with a devoted mind, to his divine spirit and majesty, [set this up].