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LSA-2878 Base for gilded bronze statue of unknown honorand, senator. Rome, Forum of Trajan. 440-447

City: Roma Province: Roma Region: Rome (including Ostia and Portus)
Details: Found on the forum of Trajan during excavations in area of Palazzo Roccagiovine in 2001/4
Current Location: Where found?
Object: Base, for gilded statue Material: Marble Re-Use? Yes
Form: Rectangular Height(cm): 77.5 Width(cm): 83 Depth(cm):
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Name lost Position: Gender: Male
Awarder: Emperor or emperors, name(s) lost Position: Emperors
Earliest: 440 Latest : 447
Scaroina, L. and A. La Regina, Resti della basilica Ulpia sotto il Palazzo Roccagiovine, Scritti in onore di Lucos Cozza, a cura di Robert Coates-Stephens and Lavinia Cozza (Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae - Supplementum VII), Roma 2014, 167-81

Text: --- ut bene-]/factorum suorum [---12-14--- difficillimis] / temporib(us) nesciat vetustatem sitq(ue) exem[plum optimis] / moribus, pro bene gesta re p(ublica) virum talem aeternitate [pos-]/teris fieri cariorem.
Igitur in l(ustro) (sic) viro casto ob insign[ia] /(5) virtutum, quibus et pietati nostrae et amplissimo ordi[ni] / adq(ue) universo p(opulo) R(omano) optime conprobatus est ex aere inaura-/tam statuam loco caeleberrimo (sic) decernimus conlo-/cari.
Postumiane parens car(issime) adq(ue) amantissime / quapropter inl(ustris) magnif(icentia) tua praesentis pragmatici / (10) roboratura sententiam noverit memoratum / virum secundum desiderium vel testimonium / s(enatus) p(opuli)q(ue) R(omani) saluberrimae dispositionis merito / victura in posterum nos dedicatione simulacri / aenei consecrasse.
Trans: That (...) of his good deeds in most difficult times will never know old age, and that it be an example through its best morals, and that such a man, as a recompense for having adminstered the state (res publica) well, be even dearer to future generations in eternity.
Therefore we decide that a gilt bronze statue be set up, at a most frequented place, to this morally pure man, because of the splendour of his virtues, through which he is best acknowledged by ourselves (the emperor or emperors, pietate nostra - ’our piety’), by the senate (ordo amplissimus), and by the entire Roman people.
Postumianus, dearest and most beloved father, therefore your illustrious magnificence which will corroborate the decision of the present writing (pragmaticum) shall know that we sanctified the aforementioned man, according to the desire and the testimony of the Senate and the people of Rome, and by means of our imperial order (saluberrimae dispositionis merito), through the dedication of a bronze statue which will live on in future times.