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LSA-2879 Literary record of bronze statue for Sextus Aurelius Victor, historian and provincial governor (consularis) of Pannonia Secunda. Probably Sirmium (Pannonia Secunda). 361

Pannoniae Secundae consularem praefecit et honoravit aenea statua

City: Sirmium Province: Pannonia II Region: North Balkans and Danube provinces
Details: n/a
Current Location: Lost
Object: Statue Material: Bronze Re-Use? Unknown
Form: Height(cm): Width(cm): Depth(cm):
Language: Text Type:
Honorand: Sextus Aurelius Victor Position: Gender: Male
Awarder: Julian Position: Emperors
Earliest: 361 Latest : 361
Seyfarth, W. (ed.), Ammiani Marcellini rerum gestarum libri qui supersunt, vol. I, libri XIV-XXV, Leipzig 1978, 231

Text: Ammianus Marcellinus 21, 10, 6:
Ubi Victorem apud Sirmium visum, scriptorem historicum, exindeque venire praeceptum Pannoniae Secundae consularem praefecit et honoravit aenea statua, virum sobrietatis gratia aemulandum, multo post urbi praefectum.
Trans: Ammianus Marcellinus 21, 10, 6:
There (scil: at Naissus) he made Victor, the historian whom he had met at Sirmium and whom he had adviced to come from there, provincial governor (consularis) of Pannonia Secunda, and he honoured him with a bronze statue, a man who must be emulated for his sobriety, who became prefect of the city much later.