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LSA-90 Bust of man wearing chlamys. From modern village of Naoussa (Macedonia). Early fifth century.

City: Thessalonica Province: Macedonia Region: Greece and South Balkans (with Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace)
Details: From modern village of Naoussa, between Veria and Edessa (Macedonia)
Current Location: Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum, inv. no. 1061
Object: Bust Material: Marble Re-Use? No
Clothing: chlamys; colobium; fibula; tunic, sleeved Hairstyle: Brushed forward Height(cm): 72
Attributes: Beard: Clean-shaven
Honorand: Unknown Position: Gender: Male
Awarder: Unknown Position: Awarder Unknown or Uncertain
Earliest: 400 Latest: 425
Rüsch, A., Das kaiserzeitliche Porträt in Makedonien, Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 84, 1969, 59-196, p. 131 no. P37 fig. 46-7

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