Base for statue of Maxentius, emperor; erected by a praetorian prefect. Rome, Forum. 306-312.

In ten lines. Letter height 5.5-6.5 cm.

Domino nostro, / clementissimo / et piissimo / Maxentio, /(5) invicto / et providentiss(imo), / semper Aug(usto). / Manli(us) Rusticianus, / v(ir) em(inentissimus), praef(ectus) praet(orio), /(10) devotus n(umini) m(aiestati)q(ue) e(ius).

'To our lord, the most merciful and most pious Maxentius, unconquered and most foresighted, forever Augustus. Manlius Rusticianus, of eminentissimus rank, praetorian prefect, devoted to his divine spirit and majesty, [set this up].'

DESCRIPTION (personal inspection)
Marble base, reconstructed with three parts. 135 x 66 x 52 cm. The epigraphic field is framed by moulding at top and bottom. It is rough and deep, indicating re-use. The last two lines are covered with lychen, and not easily legible. The base is damaged at top and bottom. The top is very rough, with signs of three holes.

The base was found in the area of the Roman Forum, between the summa Sacra Via and the Palatine. It is still there, Sopr. For-Pal. Inv. N. 12521.

The inscription records a dedication to Maxentius, who ruled between 306 and 312. Manlius Rusticianus was a man of eminentissimus rank and a praetorian prefect of Maxentius (PLRE I, 787 Rusticianus 3). He also dedicated LSA-1429.

Carlos Machado

Main Reference

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum; , VI, 36949 (+p. 4354)

Discussion References

Jones, A. H. M. et al., The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire. Vol. I 260-395, Cambridge et al. 1971 (1975), p. 787 (Rusticianus 3)