Plaque from base for bronze statue of Lucius Turcius Apronianus, governor of Tuscia et Umbria; erected by the city of Spoletium. Rome. 346.

In 14 lines. Letter height 4.7-2.2 cm.

Asterii. / L(ucio) Turcio Aproniano, v(iro) c(larissimo), / filio L(uci) Turci Aproniani, v(iri) c(larissimi), / praefecti urbi, nepoti /(5) L(uci) Turci Secundi, c(larissimi) v(iri) consulis, / quaestori, praetori, quindecem/viro sacris faciundis, correc/tori Tusciae et Umbriae, omni / virtute praestanti. Statuam /(10) ex aere, ordo Spoletinorum, / ad memoriam perpetui nominis / conlocavit, / curantibus Flavio Spe, v(iro) p(erfectissimo) et Codonio Tauro Iun(iore), / post Amanti et Albini cons(ulatum).

'[Statue of] Asterius. To Lucius Turcius Apronianus, of clarissimus rank, son of Lucius Turcius Apronianus, of clarissimus rank, prefect of the City, grandson of Lucius Turcius Secundus, of clarissimus rank and consul; to the quaestor, praetor, member of the board of fifteen men for sacred affairs, governor (corrector) of Tuscia et Umbria, outstanding in every virtue. This bronze statue, the council of Spoletium placed for the remembrance of his perpetual name, under the supervision of Flavius Spe, of perfectissimus rank, and Codonius Taurus iunior, after the consulship of Amantius and Albinus.'

DESCRIPTION (From Gregori)
Front of marble base, 122 x 104 x 17 cm. The front was cut and fitted against wall. The top of the base is broken, but the moulding at the bottom survives. The epigraphic field is framed by moulding.

The provenance of our base is uncertain. It is recorded as seen on the Esquiline, in the house of Iulius Porcarius (CIL). The content of the inscription would suit a domestic setting, and Guidobaldi 1995, 205 convincingly suggested a domus located on the edge of the Oppian hill, between the church of S. Pietro in Vincoli and Via in Selci. It was probably accompanied by LSA-1468. Our base is now in the Capitoline Museums, Stanza terrena alla destra III (inv. NCE 2.545).

Lucius Turcius Apronianus was governor of Tuscia and Umbria in 342 (PLRE I, 88-89 Apronianus 10). Our statue was dedicated by the councilors of Spoleto in 346, according to the consular date in the inscription.

Carlos Machado

Main Reference

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum; , VI, 1768 (+p. 4755)

Gregori, G. L. (ed.), Supplementa Italica. Imagines. Roma (CIL VI), 1. Musei Capitolini, Rome 1999, no. 158

Discussion References

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