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LSA-2181 Base for statue of Flavius Victor Calpurnius, governor of Tripolitania, patron of Lepcis. Lepcis Magna (Tripolitania). 340-350.

City: Lepcis Magna Province: Tripolitania Region: North Africa, Eastern (Tripolitania and Cyrenaica)
Details: Old Forum, near the Severan exedra
Current Location: in situ
Object: Base Material: Marble Re-Use? Yes
Form: Rectangular Height(cm): 131 Width(cm): 65 Depth(cm): 56
Language: Latin Text Type: Prose
Honorand: Flavius Victor Calpurnius, governor of Tripolitania Position: Provincial Governors Gender: Male
Awarder: Council (ordo) and people (populus) of Lepcis Magna Position: Provincial Cities, their Institutions and Officials
Earliest: 340 Latest : 350
Tantillo, I. and F. Bigi (eds.), Leptis Magna. Una città e le sue iscrizioni in epoca tardoromana, Cassino 2010, 377-381, no. 35, fig. 10.40, pl. XII

Reynolds, J. M. & J. B. Ward-Perkins, The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania. In collaboration with S. Aurigemma, R. Bartoccini, G. Caputo, R. Goodchild, P. Romanelli, Roma 1952, no. 569

Text: [- - -]NI[- - -] / [- - -] / [- - -] / [- 12? -]OM[…]M[- 3? -] / (5) [- 12? -] honestiss[im - 3? -] / [- 11? - c]ognoscendi [- 3? -] / [- 12? -] perpenso • qu[- 2? -] / [- 12? -]MEATO[..] ob [- 3? -] /(9) [- c.10 -] qu+ [r]em pub[l](icam) exqu[isit]/[is ..]++isionum g[ene]ribus feceri[t am]/pliorem • instauratori moenium pub[li]/corum • quod eius innumera circa se / ac suos officia supra genitalis c[i]vis / affectum Lepcis magna inclita fide / (15) devotione praestans multifariam sense/rit merito[ru]m eius tenacissime memor per / ordini(s) sui [et] popul[i v]iros Fl(avio) Victori Calpurnio v(iro) p(erfectissimo) / praesidi prov(inciae) Tripol(itanae) patrono suo statuam de/crevit et ob individuum mutui amoris affec/tum eamdem se propter constituit ac dedicavit
Trans: ...most honest ......of judging ...carefully considered who ... made the republic (rem publicam) greater by noteworthy ... renewer of public buildings. Because Lepcis Magna, outstanding in its celebrated loyalty and devotion, experienced on many occasions his innumerable services concerning themselves and theirs, going beyond a native citizen’s affection, and tenaciously mindful of his merits, through the men of its council and people (ordo et populus) decreed a statue for Fl(avius) Victor Calpurnius, a man of perfectissimus rank, governor (praeses) of the province of Tripolitania, its patron, and set it up and dedicated it on account of the indivisible good-will of mutual love between him and it.